E-Waste/Printed Circuit Board Recycling

Electronic waste is the fastest-growing portion of the municipal waste stream expected to grow to 67.2 million tonnes by 2026. Scrap printed circuit boards from this e-waste can be processed to recover valuable metals and elements...


E-Waste is a global issue. It is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. The highest value components in Ewaste are the contained printed circuit board assemblies (PCBA's). Typically, these PCBA's are processed by smelters outside North America.


EnviroLeach offers a viable domestic alternate solution for the treatment of printed circuit boards. EnviroLeach is also developing hydrometallurgical recovery applications for tin, copper, and platinum group metals which present the potential for significantly increased operating margins.


EnviroLeach’s E-Waste production plant has a 3,600 tonne per year capacity. Commercial-scale testing and cost analysis was completed in the first half of 2020. The plant includes state of the art grinding and separation circuits as well as a proprietary chemical leach circuit that uses our patented and reusable formulation. The E-waste business model positions EnviroLeach as a competitive provider of E-Waste process solutions.

  • Effective recoveries of precious metals

  • Eco-friendly & sustainable process

  • Faster payment terms than smelters

  • Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions

  • Higher payable metals 

  • Third-party assay validation

  • Domestic treatment & shipping

EnviroLeach is building a diversified supply chain of recycled PCBA's globally.



Electronic Waste is a highly complex and heterogeneous group of materials. We have the technology and expertise required to correctly separate and recover silver, gold, palladium, copper and other valuable metals. 

Recycled printed circuit board assemblies contain the majority of the value in E-Waste. These boards typically contain over $3,500 USD worth of metals per tonne. This is significantly higher than the typical $100 - $500 USD per tonne of conventional mining ores.

The EnviroLeach process offers a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for recycling of printed circuit board assemblies.

261,000 tonnes of scrap printed circuit boards are generated every 30 days...

  • Effective recoveries of target metals

  • Reduction in CO2e emissions

  • Operates at ambient pressure

  • Operates at ambient temperature

  • No landfilling of solid waste

  • No water effluent

  • No off-gassing

  • Small operational footprint

  • Competitive costs to incumbent technologies