Corporate Overview

EnviroLeach is engaged in the development and commercialization of environmentally-friendly, inorganic electrochemical technologies for the hydrometallurgical extraction and recovery of precious metals in the primary and secondary metal sectors. 


EnviroLeach is an industrial technology company focused on precious metals extraction technologies. Our patented technology recovers gold from E-waste and conventional gold mine ores and concentrates. Our innovative solution offers a cost-effective and domestic alternative to smelting and cyanide use.

EnviroLeach is led by a first-class staff of scientists and engineers. Our extensive expertise in metals recovery and hydrometallurgy positions us with a unique knowledge set applicable to our target markets, which include the gold mining sector and the E-Waste sector.


"The EnviroLeach closed-loop process offers an almost zero environmental footprint. It offers excellent leach kinetics and recoveries. It operates at ambient temperature and pressure with no off-gassing or water effluent..."


  • Reduce the environmental impact of gold mining,

  • Reduce the use of cyanide and mercury in gold mining

  • Unlock the value of smaller gold deposits,

  • Reduce the permitting process in the mining sector,

  • Reduce the use of smelters in gold mining and E-Waste


Gold miners face ever-changing environmental and social challenges due to the environmental impact of conventional gold mining and the processing of mined materials. Gold Mining is dominated by cyanide as the leading gold extraction agent. It is effective and low-cost, but it is a toxic chemical that creates significant environmental risk for mine operators and local communities. It is increasingly opposed by many communities, NGOs, governments, agencies, and investors. The use of mercury in lesser developed nations is also impacting water and fisheries worldwide.


EnviroLeach’s chemistry formulations recover gold from gravity and flotation concentrates with similar effectiveness and costs to cyanide and smelters. Our process also delivers unique advantages, such as:


  • Reduced environmental footprint,

  • Provides access to environmentally sensitive areas,

  • Reduced permitting, monitoring, and remediation costs,

  • Access to environmentally sensitive areas,

  • Improved operator sustainability and CSR profile,

  • Improved stakeholder support of mining projects,

  • Unlocks the value of smaller gold deposits

  • The potential for In-Situ Gold recovery

EnviroLeach’s commercial strategy for the mining sector is based on a simple licensing and royalty model. EnviroLeach has little or no competition in the mining sector for economic, eco-friendly alternatives to the use of cyanide and smelters. Our technical advantages and early mover status in this market positions us to become a dominant player within the sector.

The Mining Process:

E-Waste is a global issue. It is the fastest growing waste stream in the world. The highest value components in Ewaste are printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs). Typically, these PCBAs are processed by smelters outside North America. EnviroLeach offers a cost-effective and competitive domestic alternative for the treatment of PCBAs. EnviroLeach is developing additional hydrometallurgical recovery applications for tin, copper, and platinum group metals which present the potential for increased operating margins from the PCBAs. The benefits of the Enviroleach process include:

  • Effective recoveries of precious metals

  • Eco-friendly & sustainable process

  • Faster payment terms than smelters

  • Whole component processing

  • Lower greenhouse gas emissions

  • Higher payable metals 

  • Third-party assay validation

  • Domestic treatment & shipping


EnviroLeach operates a 3,600 tonne per year recycled PCBA processing plant in Vancouver, Canada. The plant was completed and certified in December 2019 and commercial-scale testing was completed throughout the first half of 2020. The plant includes state of the art grinding and separation circuits as well as a hydrometallurgical leach circuit that uses our proprietary recyclable formulation. The E-waste business model positions EnviroLeach as a competitive downstream processor for E-Waste recyclers worldwide. The Company plans to expand operations globally over the next 5 years.


The E-Waste Process:

The Gold Mining Sector

The E-Waste Sector